Product Range

We believe our products are as good as value for your money and we thus endeavour to fulfil this objective as our primary goal. Our product range can be used in various industries and are thus appreciated by several clients across the world.

Flexible Laminated Pouches


We produce tailor-made flexible packaging solutions serving top brands in rice, dry-fruits, pulses, wall putty, etc. Our high-quality product range includes different types of pouches. We serve as a one-stop-shop for our customers: extrusion, lamination, printing, slitting and converting can be done in-house.

A· Different type of forms: standy zipper, bottom gusset, side gusset, center seal etc.

B· We have different hanging options for pouches like Euro slot punch, round hole punch, D cut handle and a butterfly

   style punch.

C· High endurance to withstand pressure during transits

High strength, good dimensional stability and flatness

E· Material of pouches available in different forms as per product

F· Application: Food packaging, pillow packaging, wall putty packaging, etc.

G· High and virgin quality raw the material used in manufacturing

H· Customizable as per your requirement