Our Products

We offer a variety of products like BOPP woven bags, rice packaging bags, printed and laminated packaging rolls, printed and laminated pouches, pp woven bags, HDPE woven sacks, as well as packaging seals and tapes. Our products are best known for durability and sustainability in the Indian market and parts of UAE and Europe.

3D BOPP Flat Bottom Bags

Rice Packaging Bags

A 3D flat bottom pouch is an epitome of a flexible packaging solution and one of the most sought-after. Customers find these bags to be the most convenient to use since they enable the customer to use the product directly from the pouch, and the pouch can be resealed after use. It is one of the most beautiful bags in terms of design, and it offers multiple branding opportunities on five sides of the bag - the front, the back, the side gussets and the bottom gusset.

What are the benefits of using this packaging bag?

  • It is highly attractive on shelves, which increases retail sales
  • A remarkable stability across a wide range of products
  • Packaging opportunities to highlight the brand on five sides
  • Fine-tuned in Matte, Gloss, or Metallic finishes