Product Range

We believe our products are as good as value for your money and we thus endeavour to fulfil this objective as our primary goal. Our product range can be used in various industries and are thus appreciated by several clients across the world.

Pinch Bottom Woven Bags


We are one of the few manufacturers of Pinch Bottom Bags in India.  A new concept introduced in Indian market,  Pinch
Bottom  Bags  are  made of  BOPP  laminated  PP Woven  Fabric  material. Pinch  Bottom  Bags  stands  aloof  from  the
normal crowded range of bags. The key features of these bags are:

A· Unique bottom sealed method, bag can’t be duplicated as few manufacturers have installed this machine thus protecting brand value

B·  The Square bottom increases the optimal palletization to form a stable pallet

C·  Greater visibility on stores shelves

D·  Food Grade adhesive hot melt and inks used with virgin raw material, thus avoiding any scope of contamination

E·  Bag are customizable according to your need

F·  Options of having a window to display the product packed

G·  High endurance to withstand pressure during transits

H·  High strength, good dimensional stability and flatness

I·  The gusseted bags provided by us can be stacked easily, and they also capture less space

J·  Unique strength and protects products from leakage

K·  Suitable for packaging of rice, pulses, wheat, wall putty, chemicals, grains, seeds etc.