How Pinch Bottom Bags by Bankey Bihari Can Help Your Business Achieve Milestones?


The quality of a product, price, and promotion determine the fate of a business. However, the packaging is also of considerable significance. The right packaging solution can bring more customers within your ambit and augment your business. Since the outside packaging is what brings your customers to first notice, it has the potential to either draw or drive them off. Besides, the practical application of packaging is plethoric: protection, advertising, convenience, etc which will aid in the overall growth of your brand’s name.

When it comes to packaging, assurance of the product’s protection is of utmost importance. Because of this reason, Flexible packaging material is being considered as an ideal solution for the safety risks posed by transportation. Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd, one of the leaders in the flexible-packaging industry does just that, along with tackling the sustainability challenges. The flexible packaging solution ensures the complete safety of your products. With a thick material, the BOPP woven Pinch bottom bags by Bankey Bihari can potentially deal with any sharp objects that can put your products at risk upon shipping or handling manually. Additionally, other chances of getting your products ruined by grease, water, humidity or sunlight are also mitigated by the high barrier protection these bags offer. The premium quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of these bags prevents contamination of your products.

A distinctive feature of the
flexible packaging material is its lightweight despite the rock-solid protection it gives to the products. As per the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), a truckload of flexible packaging is equivalent to over 26 truckloads of glass jars. Since couriers usually charge for product’s shipping based on their weight and size, using flexible packaging solutions like the BOPP laminated bags by Bankey Bihari for your products will save a substantial cost in your business.The square bottom of the pinch bottom bags saves spaces on the pallet upon storage or shipping. The exclusive rotogravure printing machine used for BOPP printing will ensure that your brand’s logo sticks well on the material, thus giving more visibility on the shelf.

The BOPP pinch bottom bags by Bankey Bihari are ideal for the packaging of any goods be it rice, pulses, seeds, fertilizers, flours, etc. The extended benefits of these bags can help your business establish credibility and enhance their growth.

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